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Landfill Diversion

Around the world, landfill remains the primary method of waste disposal for many recyclable materials with almost 1.5 billion tonnes of waste landfilled annually.

The world’s most developed economies are trying to minimise this increase through investment in new solutions and increasing barriers to landfilling, with some of the most developed countries completely banning landfilling of many materials. Landfills are proven, time and again, to cause pollution to the local environment through the leachate contaminating soils and groundwater.

In recent years, technology has enabled the world to realise that the vast majority of what is landfilled today should not be landfilled tomorrow. It is everyone’s responsibility to continue to develop and invest in order to make landfilling our tomorrow’s assets a topic of the past.

We can, and should, be doing so much more…

CDEnviro high efficiency materials recovery and recycling systems have been developed to substantially reduce waste to landfill and maximise the production of commercial grade products from a number of waste streams such as Road Sweepings, Gully Waste, Trommel Fines, Waste Glass, Automotive Shredder Residue and MRF Fines.

Landfill Diversion Input vs Output material

Landfill Diversion Brochure

Landfill Diversion at UBU Environmental

A Green Approach To Business With Biffa

G:MAX Recycling System from CDEnviro

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