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Recycling Waste Water

According to the Journal of Environmental Management, 50% of the total bioresource produced in the US is not currently beneficially utilized. Emerging technologies offer waste-toenergy pathways through whole sludge conversion into biofuels. Our solutions ensure maximum recovery of organics for energy generation while minimizing waste volumes and downstream operational costs. We provide systems for wastewater clients with requirements in the following areas: Sludge and Tanker Waste Screening High-Flow Screening Anaerobic Waste Reduction Slow Sand Filtration.

Our solutions within the Recycling Wastewater sector include:

  • Sludge Screening and Tanker Waste - Real time screening of sludge, removal of rag and grit, protection of downstream assists.
  • Anaerobic Waste Reduction- Prevention of unnecessary abrasion and wear, avoiding deposits and accumulations, significantly increasing the time between digester cleanouts and maintaining optimum capacity in tanks.
  • Slow Sand Filtration - Sand washing, separation of organics and dewatering of clean sand.
  • Stormwater Management - specialist stormwater management system provides reduced contamination levels in outputs regardless of input 

Our solutions ensure maximum recovery of organics for energy generation, minimise waste volumes and downstream operational costs, and produce dewatered fine material suitable for further utilisation or landfill and the lowest possible cost


Recycling Waste Water Brochure

S:MAX High Frequency Screening Rag and Grit

Solid liquid separation with the MSU:10 at MSIS

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