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Advanced Water Treatment

The Problem

There are many applications in which additional water treatment outside of primary and secondary physical treatment is necessary to remove high levels of man-made chemicals. If left untreated, processors not only are unable to reuse the water but are also unable to discharge it in a safe and cost-effective manner. In the case of particularly stubborn contaminants, advanced water treatment can be the only method to make materials safe for disposal or reuse.


The Solution

CDEnviro’s advanced water treatment solutions are suitable for retrofit on to an existing process, or as part of our holistic waste treatment solutions which encompass primary, secondary and tertiary cleaning systems.

The solutions are designed specifically around the contaminants found in the waste and therefore the process waste used to clean the waste products.

Some of the options we supply include the removal of:

-        Small particles such as grit, silt and other organic matter

-        Organic chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide or chlorine which give off unpleasant odours or tastes

-        Specific dissolved heavy metals

-        Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

-        Polychlorinated biphenyls


The Result

CDEnviro’s solutions allow process water to be chemically cleaned for reuse or safe discharge without fear of harming the environment, people or animals. Being able to reuse the water not only substantially reduces water costs but is also the most environmentally friendly way to process waste, giving our customers a competitive edge.

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