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Digester Tank Cleaning

Grit is a major problem within the anaerobic digestion tanks for both food waste and sewage sludge. This type of material can include eggshells, bone, lime, ash, glass and various other inert high-density materials. Grit settles in the digester, reducing the capacity of the tank and therefore decreasing the digester’s efficiency.

Digesters require regular cleaning to increase the retention time of bio-solids in the tank as well as reduce the costs of heating it. Removing grit increases digestion and the life of the sludge pumps and other parts. 

Our Grit Removal Solution 

CDEnviro's mobile grit removal system, D:MAX, uses vibrating platform screen technology to efficiently remove grit, rag and other troublesome solids from a waste stream. The pre-treatment of waste prior to disposal is a requirement from many global landfill directives and the introduction of the D:MAX ensures all requirements are exceeded in terms of the level of treatment afforded to the feed material.
By processing the removed material on-site, D:MAX solution removes the need to transport waste off-site, reducing both transport costs and the time taken to cleanout. 

Grit Removal from Digester Tanks with Conhur

Anaerobic Waste Reduction Case Study

Granville Ecopark Limited

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