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Filter Sand Washing

The Problem

Although there are many benefits to the slow sand filter sand process including its reliability, simplicity, and biological component, there remains the long-standing problem associated with slow sand filters becoming less efficient over time.

Put simply, as the sand filter collects solids and other contamination, it eventually becomes less effective meaning that if the sand filter is not washed, its capacity reduces and the risk of turbidity or biological breakthrough increases.


The Solution

An important part of the slow sand filter purification process is maintaining the cleanliness of the sand to ensure an optimum rate of flow through the filter while maintaining filtration efficiency. The filter is drained and the sand is skimmed off and washed before being laid back down again allowing a new biofilm to develop.

CDEnviro filter sand washing systems treat the sand to remove solids contamination and out of specification sand particles.  This provides our customers with a consistent supply of clean, dewatered filter sand which is uniform in size and meets all the requirements for slow sand filtration media.  This ensures a reliable supply of filtered water at peak efficiency.


The Result

Our clients who have invested in slow sand filter sand washing equipment are reaping the benefits of increasing the longevity and capacity of their sand filters In addition, their reliance on virgin sand is eliminated, meaning the organisation’s costs and environmental burden is significantly reduced. CDEnviro’s sand washing solution allows organisations to continue to carry out this traditional method of water purification, a method which is considered to be one of the most sustainable, low-energy solution for water purification.

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