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Food Waste Processing

As the need for increased food production increases, the efficiency of food waste processing systems must improve also. One of the problems often forgotten is adequate treatment of the wastewater effluent, and in particular the solids loading prior to final dewatering.

Our Solution

Soil and sand can create problems throughout the treatment process – a single problem producing a multitude of symptoms. We can apply these to any number of wet processing within fruit or vegetable washing, including (but not limited to) potato, sugar beet, and tomato production.

Removing soil, sand and clay from the washing water within any food production process creates improvements all along the process:

  • Using cleaner recycled washing water produces an improved final product with less surface dirt.
  • Sand and soil can have detrimental effects on pumps and pipe liners through wear and abrasion, by removing the sand and soil from the process, this problem can be averted.
  • The presence of sand and soil within the washing process raises the risk of material settling in existing tanks, we can recover sand and soil from your effluent stream to prevent this material build up.
  • There is a lot of washing water used within the production process, and this would be extremely expensive if used water had to be disposed of. The cost is then doubled as replacement fresh water must be brought into the system. It is much more sustainable to treat the existing effluent streams and reuse this water.
  • Downstream processes have also been improved as bone and other abrasive materials in food waste are removed during primary screening before reaching the decanter. This results in reduced wear on equipment and reduces the costs of operating the plant.

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