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Food Waste Recycling

The Material

Every year in the UK 10 million tonnes of food ends up in a landfill. Of the of the 4.6 million tonnes of food waste collected each year by local authorities, presently only 12% is currently recycled (Mr Ray Georgeson, chair of the steering group behind UK FWRAP). 

The Benefits

The CDEnviro food waste recycling solution significantly reduces the volume of food waste being sent to landfill.

CDEnviro has implemented waste classification equipment within the food industry to significantly reduce the volume of food waste being sent to landfill and also allow for the production of an improved nutrient rich fertiliser product with application in the agricultural market.

This technology has introduced significant efficiency improvements in an industry where spiral screens are commonly used and experience frequent blockages - causing significant interruptions to production.

Downstream processes have also been improved as bone and other abrasive materials in food waste are removed during primary screening before reaching the centrifuge. This results in reduced wear on equipment and reduces the costs of operating the plant.




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