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Grit Recovery

Effective Grit Removal and Recovery at the start of your treatment works to prevent wear and increase production.

The Material

In the wastewater treatment industry the age old problems associated with grit, and the associated detrimental effects, have troubled operators for years. Acute effects include screen blinding, reduced throughput and pipe and pump blockages. The chronic effects are excessive wear, lost production, bypass effects with solids build-up in downstream tanks, and the resulting cleanout costs. These problems have almost become tolerated in treatment works today with operators becoming comfortable with a duty/standby approach being adopted. This however is not addressing the core issue; rag and grit need to be removed from the flow process as quickly as possible.  This is also true within anaerobic digestion.

Our Solution

Effective separation and removal of grit from your sludge at an early stage is essential for avoiding damage and wear on your complete treatment system.

 Our grit removal systems:

-Prevent unnecessary abrasion and wear.
-Prevent deposits and accumulations.
-Significantly increase the time between digester cleanouts
-Maintain optimum capacity in tanks
-Increase dewatering effectiveness at the decanter stage.

Effective grit removal not only reduce the time and money spent replacing damaged parts but will result in significantly higher efficiencies in your current sludge handling processes.

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We would like to keep you informed by email. Are you happy to receive information from us?




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