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Industrial Tank Cleaning

The Problem

Rag and grit are major problems within industrial tanks. This type of material can include eggshells, bone, lime, ash, glass and various other inert high-density materials. Rag and grit settle in the tanks, reducing its capacity and therefore decreasing the efficiency. Not only that, but grit is highly abrasive and causes attrition and wear on downstream processes. This results in the need for regular maintenance and replacement of parts. These problems have almost become tolerated in treatment works today with operators becoming comfortable with a duty/standby approach being adopted.


The Solution

CDEnviro’s specialist equipment removes rag and grit as part of a cleanout, depending on the site’s individual requirements. The mobile grit removal solution uses vibrating platform screen technology to efficiently remove ‘difficult’ solids from waste sludges.  The availability of  mobile solutions allows for screening on site, eliminating the requirement to transport waste to a central processing facility.

The mobile solution is used to screen and dewater material from:

  • sludge holding tanks
  • primary tanks
  • digester tanks
  • storm detention tanks
  • pumping stations and culverts.


The Result

CDEnviro’s solutions are making tank cleaning more efficient, more cost-effective and increasing the number of truckloads operators can process per day. Tank cleaning operators are increasing their uptime and reaping the rewards of increased capabilities by winning more contracts than ever before. As an example, one of our D:MAX customers screened and dewatered 900 tons of material in just 10 days from an Anaerobic Digester.

Maximum dewatering ensures the rag material going to landfill is now drier and easier to manage. The solution recovers up to 90% of grit which has many reuses:

  • nutrient rich soil or composting additive
  • backfill and pipe bedding
  • generation of biosolids

Grit Removal from Digester Tanks with Conhur

Anaerobic Waste Reduction Case Study

Granville Ecopark Limited

Before and After Images

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