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Other Industrial Effluents

Other Industrial Effluents

The Material

The Pharmaceutical industry is another which generates waste streams with solid material requiring solid/liquid separation. 

- The material is often abrasive which leads to rapid wear at high velocity regions (e.g. pipe bends) leading to requirements for regular replacement.

- Macerated material is often too large to be sent to a centrifuge.

- Rotating at upwards of 4000rpm, the leading edge of the centrifuge scroll can become damaged by particles greater than 500micron. The resulting damage can have an adverse effect on production time.

The Benefits

- The introduction of one of our screening solutions has the following benefits: 

- The system doesn’t block as particles greater than a predetermined size are automatically removed.

- It is very resistant to a wide range of high abrasion/corrosion operating environments.

- The system will fit directly into the process stream without the need for buffer holding tanks.

- It will incur reduced ancillary costs associated with the installation.

- The “cut-point” can be adapted to whatever size the system requires.




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