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Refinery Tank Cleaning

Crude oil storage tanks accumulate solids and water over time and therefore must be cleaned for optimum efficiency. Crude oil tanks contain hydrocarbons which can be recovered and recycled back to the refining process. When crude tanks are cleaned, the sludge first must be removed.

Our Solution

That's where we can help. Our tank cleaning solution involves processing the waste material at high flow rates and scalping down to 63 micron (sand and grit) off the flow to save downstream wear and tear to centrifuges and belt presses operators currently use to clean chemical and wastewater tanks in the refineries.

Our grit removal systems use vibrating platform screen technology to efficiently remove grit. The D:MAX ensures all requirements are exceeded in terms of the level of treatment afforded to the feed material and provides pump protection throughout the process. High flow rates ensure minimal downtime for the tanks.

Tank Cleaning with the D:MAX

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