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Sand Manure Separation

As sand and manure mix in cow bedding, the material becomes contaminated and unviable for reuse. This of course brings with it a high cost for dairy farmers who must constantly replace the contaminated sand with fresh bedding. Outside of using the sand-laden manure in agricultural applications, the uses of the material are limited and some farmers may have to landfill their excess material.

Our Solution

Mechanical Separation is a beneficial treatment to solve the problem of dealing with sand-laden manure. Our solution recovers both sand and manure individually, which can then be treated and reused.

Manure can be used in agricultural applications, used to create energy through anaerobic digestion, or even be composted. This increases profits and eliminates the need for waste disposal.  Meanwhile, farmers can reuse the separated sand in the cow beds, again reducing costs of fresh cattle bedding.

Before and After Images

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