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Slow Sand Filtration

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Slow sand filtration has been a reliable method of water purification for hundreds of years, requiring no chemicals or electricity to operate.

There are many benefits to the slow sand filtration process including its effective removal of bacteria and heavy metals. However, quite simply, if the sand collects the dirt and other contamination, it eventually becomes less effective.

Our Solution

An important part of the slow sand filter purification process is maintaining the cleanliness of the sand to ensure clean water and an optimum rate of flow through the filter. The filter is drained and the sand is skimmed off and washed before being laid back down again allowing a new biofilm to develop. 

Our systems treat the sand to remove contamination, dirt and heavy metals.  This provides our customers with a consistent supply of clean, dry filter sand which is uniform in size and meets all the requirements for slow sand filtration media.  It also provides a reliable and sufficient supply of water. 


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