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Stormwater Management

When stormwater travels through gullies, it can collect waste materials such as sewage, litter and animal waste. If stormwater runs into main drains, it leads to groundwater contamination which can have a harmful effect on marine life and local communities.

Lagoons that collect stormwater require regular cleaning as they fill up with organics and become less efficient for wastewater treatment.

An increase in rainfall as well as large populations of urban areas has resulted in stringent but necessary regulations put in place to manage and treat stormwater.

Our Solution

CDEnviro's specialist stormwater management system provides reduced contamination levels in outputs regardless of input. Stormwater run-off contains many materials that are being recovered for re-use and used as revenue streams including:

- Washed grit

- Clean sand

- Oversize stone

- Dewatered organics

We also treat the contaminated water so that it can be reused later down the process for cleaning the materials for recovery. 



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