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Street Sweepings Recycling

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As disposal costs continue to rise, the commercial argument for cleaning and recycling street sweepings has become even stronger. The effects of global landfill on the environment along with increases in landfill tax have significantly increased costs for companies who offer reception and collection services for this waste.

Our Solution

CDEnviro systems are currently processing over 500,000TPA of street sweepings material across the UK, Central Europe, Australia and North America.

We are diverting up to 99.7% of detritus material from landfill and producing the optimum quality of recycled aggregate, with a wide range of further uses. At today’s landfill tax rate, that equates to a saving of tens of millions for our customers. 

CDEnviro's street sweepings recycling equipment ensures significantly reduced contamination levels in outputs regardless of feed input for optimal resource recovery.

The output products include;

  • Washed grit
  • Clean sand 
  • Oversize stone
  • Dewatered organics
  • Washed glass

These by-products act as a valuable revenue stream and can be used in a variety of applications such as high quality recycled concrete, asphalt, landscaping and pipe-bedding. The dewatered organics can be used in anaerobic digestion or sent for incineration at a reduced cost.

CDEnviro specialist road sweepings recycling systems ensure: 

  • Guaranteed repeatability of results in reduced contamination levels in outputs regardless of feed contamination levels.
  • Washed grit suitable as a non-structural fill secondary aggregate. 
  • Mobile plant option offers processing at a number of sites.

By investing in our recycling technology, our customers safeguard their business for years to come as well as playing a role in creating a circular economy.


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3D render of street sweepings recycling turnkey

3D Street Sweepings Recycling Solution

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