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Waste Glass Recycling

The Material

Glass is one of the few materials that can be recycled endlessly without any loss in quality or purity of the recycled material when using the optimum recycling technology.

When recycled efficiently, each tonne recycled saves more than its weight in raw materials, significantly reduces energy costs and vastly cuts greenhouse gas emissions including carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxides. 

Recycled glass can bring with it many contaminants including paper, organics, metals, plastics which reduces the value of the cullet. Particle size is one of the most important criteria for end markets. It is important to identify equipment which can cope with the unique characteristics recycled glass possesses and the challenges it brings. 

Our Solution

Our technology controls output quality irrespective of input quality, which ensures subsequent glass manufacturing processes are much more efficient. 

Guaranteeing the subsequent processes are more efficient reduces the life cycle costs of glass recycling which ensures the products produced can realise yields that traditional technologies are not able to.

-Waste glass can be re-used endlessly in industries like the food and beverage packaging industry to create new glass containers.

-Waste glass can be used as an additive in clay, where glass lowers the processing temperature and therefore the costs for producing tiles and bricks. In addition, the glass chemically bonds with the clay and makes the product stronger.

-Recycled glass can also be used as an additive in plastic where the finely ground glass readily replaces the calcium carbonate filler normally used.

Waste Glass Recycling - Before & After

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We would like to keep you informed by email. Are you happy to receive information from us?




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