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Wastewater Sludge Dewatering

The Problem

The wastewater industry is seeing an ongoing increase in the volume of solids its sewage treatment works receive, as well as a concurrent increase the amount of sludge produced, and as modern treatment process increase the potential value of sludge, it is clear that the sludge issue isn’t going anywhere.

As our population begins to grow and legislation tightens, the availability of land also gets scarcer, so it is no longer viable to build more new assets or dispose of untreated sludge.

Rag and grit are major problems in wastewater sludges causing blockages, wear and inefficiencies throughout the wastewater treatment works. When sludges are used in downstream processes such as anaerobic digestion, rag and grit cause even greater problems. These problems include but aren’t limited to reduced tank capacity, further wear on dewatering centrifuges, and a significant reduction in biogas yield as a result of lost digester volume and increased downtime when maintaining and cleaning digester vessels. 

The Solution

CDEnviro’s sludge screening and dewatering equipment is focused on reducing the weight and volume of the sludge so that disposal and transport costs are kept to a minimum.

These technologies successfully remove solids from:

  • sewage sludges
  • sewer cleanout residues
  • tank cleaning residues

to create segregated, dewatered stockpiles of grit and rag for reuse or disposal.  

As well as this the following benefits can be achieved for optimum efficiency:

  • Fast processing rate
  • High screenings retention
  • Real time automated control

The Result

With our sludge screening solutions our customers can:

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance requirements
  • Maximise tank capacity and improve biogas yield 
  • Reduce transport and disposal costs
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Produce high quality sludge for use in biosolids applications and energy generation processes

All of these combined ensures our customers can achieve sustainability.

View our range of products below that can help solve your sludge problem.

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