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Breakthrough Programme

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Breakthrough is an onboarding programme which enables you to become a certified member of our team. The programme will both support and stretch you through your first 6 months with us, allowing you to gain knowledge and experience across the business.

How it works

When you first arrive, you will receive your ‘Breakthrough pack’.  This includes items that will help you get settled and gain knowledge in your first few months.  To ‘break through’ you will complete a series of tasks, detailed in your programme. When you have completed each element of Breakthrough, the relevant Departmental Manager will sign off the task.  


The benefits

At CDEnviro we are agile in both our mind-set and our markets. For this reason, we all pull in one direction to make us the most effective we can be as a team. The beauty of Breakthrough is that by the end of your first 6 months here, you will have a better knowledge of all departments.  You will be a fully certified team member and we believe this will give you the confidence you need to excel in your role. 


Only the beginning

Breakthrough is only the beginning of your professional development with us.  As a company we actively encourage continued professional development and because we are so fluid as a company, there are always opportunities to advance and take on new challenges.

Download the PDF for more information:

Breakthrough Programme

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