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Perfecting Partnership With Our Customers

CDEnviro have developed a team of dedicated engineers both in-house and onsite to ensure our customers receive 24/7 support throughout their project.

Our CustomCare team maintain an onsite presence throughout the project journey to ensure maximum efficiency during install and commissioning.

Our highly skilled service engineers take part in regular maintenance of all CDEnviro equipment and are committed to improving our service and offering to you.

Service & Support

CDEnviro CustomCare are on hand to support our project management team throughout the project execution phase, offering a range of products and services to our clients. We develop support packages specific to your system and requirements, ensuring maximum throughput and minimum downtime. 

Warranty & Spares

There are many advantages to purchasing spare parts with the CDEnviro CustomCare team including, 2,000 hour warranty on all non-wear mechanical & electrical parts through normal use, high quality spares shipped all across the world, local support from in-country service partner, 24/7 dispatch availability.

Recommended & Critical Spares List

CustomCare provide you with recommended and critical spares list in order to improve system efficiency and ensure maximum uptime. Our Recommended Spares Lists (RSL) include all wear parts with suggested hours for replacement. The Critical Spares List (CSL) is designed to ensure minimum downtime and loss of revenue

Preventative Maintenance Inspections (PMI)

Our PMIs include, a full system inspection and health-check, complete optimisation and calibration of system, written report based on our engineer’s findings, recommendations of further works to be carried out to ensure maximum efficiency.

Service Contracts

CDEnviro service contracts ensure that your system is regularly optimised. Each service contract is designed specifically to your requirements and can include regular PMIs, non-intrusive essential service work and recommendations to optimise the system’s efficiency on a regular basis.

Asset Care Packages

Our Asset Care packages are tailored to your systems’ specification and include, recommended Spares List items and parts held on site, dedicated service contract agreed, regular PMI visits to site, regular, planned monthly payments.

CustomCare Products

ClearWater is the CDEnviro offering of chemical dosing to ensure the highest quality of water possible in your system. We have undergone extensive research with our in-house team to develop three chemical products which will ensure excellent water clarification and quality for your water recycling processes.

We believe a multi-stage chemical dosing process creates superior water quality and operational efficiency. The three chemicals developed are:

  • Liquid or powder polymer
  • Coagulant
  • Anti Foam

In turn, we have developed a range of packages within our ClearWater offering to complement our customer’s needs. Each bespoke package offers:

  • Chemical coverage
  • Service agreements including PMIs
  • System health checks
  • Operator training sessions
  • Service School discounts

Service School with CDEnviro

A CDEnviro Service School is available to customers who would like to improve system efficiency, while equipping operators with a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of their systems.

The Service School training programme is a specifically designed course developed by our CustomCare and Technical teams to enable operators to maintain high levels of productivity at all times. The course is delivered through both theory and practical learning elements.

By gaining a thorough understanding of the system and its components operators are able to identify, react and implement changes immediately. The Service School programme is proven to increase system productivity and quality by more than 5%.

Most importantly, Service School allows customers to be knowledgeable, self-sufficient and eradicates the need for third parties to intervene and undertake routine maintenance tasks.

Service School with United Utilities

24 Hour Support

Our CustomCare team are committed to providing the very best aftersales service and answering questions as quickly as possible. As a result, we have a 24-hour technical helpline so that you can reach us at any time in any part of the world!

T: +44 28 8676 7409

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