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CustomCare Service School


Service School with CDEnviro 

CDEnviro have recently launched Service School as part of our suite of CustomCare products. The course is delivered through a blended learning approach to cover both theory and practical elements within each module. Customers can choose which modules they wish to learn about in liaison with the CDEnviro CustomCare team to fulfill their individual requirements. 

A skills gap has been identified within the waste processing industry that operators don't have a comprehensive knowledge of their systems and how best to maintain or achieve the productivity levels that their plants are capable of. By gaining a thorough understanding of each component and the effect they have on the machine, operators are able to identify, react and implement changes immediately. Business owners have spent significantly on these recycling systems and the value of their investment needs to be realised through the training of highly skilled operators.

To date the CDEnviro CustomCare team has identified a 5% increase in production and quality of product  as a result of companies undertaking Service School training. Most importantly, Service School allows customers to be knowledgeable, self sufficient and eradicates the need for third parties to intervene and undertake routine maintenance tasks.

If you are interested in improving the efficiency of your system or would like to find out more about Service School, please get in touch:

T: +44 (0)28 8676 7900

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